Announcements City Hall

City Hall Access (3/24)

Effective March 24, 2020, all City Hall access will be redirected to the Front Street garage entrance.  All employees and visitors must enter via the garage on Front street; short term parking will be available.  

Treasury is available to accept tax payments; however, citizens are highly encouraged to make payments online.  You may drop-off of bids, contracts, engineering plans, and make accounts payable inquires at the Treasury window. 

The Metro Alarm Office will have limited staff to continue to process alarm permits, fines, and deposits for the office.

We ask that all inquiries regarding alarm calls  are conducted via e-mail  at or phone at 901.636.6380

Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning and Development- documents that must be physically dropped off can be delivered to the DPD drop center in the front lobby of the Office of Construction Code Enforcement on Mullins Station.

Citizens are highly encouraged to visit each respective division website for more contact information.